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 Important Details For Playhouse Delivery - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

Your playhouse is very heavy. Depending on it's size, it can weigh from 350 lbs up to 3,500 lbs. Therefore, it is shipped from the factory via common carrier truck companies. They are not the same as UPS or FedX. All Cottage Playhouse prices exclude shipping charges.

After you order your playhouse, the order is processed the same day and forwarded to the warehouse where your order is fulfilled. Once your playhouse is shipped, we will have tracking information that we can forward to you. Typically, the trucking company will call you a day or two prior to delivery to make final arrangements. Please provide a daytime phone number for the trucking company to call.


  • You are responsible for unloading the truck unless a liftgate is ordered. Please discuss with us about liftgate availability when  The driver of the truck does not have to help unload. Once the bands are cut the individual pieces weight 40-50 lbs for the smaller kits. For the larger kits the individual pieces will weight 70-80 lbs. Liftgates are not available for some of the larger kits. This means that you or your designated person must be present when the truck arrives.

  • You are responsible to note on bill of lading if there are damaged items. If items are damaged and it is noted on the bill of lading we require pictures to verify the damage and the panels. We reserve the right to determine the extent of damage, and whether it can be repaired or must be replaced.

  • Due to the nature of the playhouses, they are not returnable. Once our kits are opened the package basically expands 3-4 fold and becomes very difficult to ship). ALL SALES ARE FINAL

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