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Don't Forget Me!
Don't Forget Me! is pleased to announce a new website, We have selected some of the highest quality and best priced dog houses, kennels and pet beds online today. Visit today!


We have gathered together the best outdoor playhouse kits available for your children at the lowest prices on the web. We invite you to browse through all the selections, including children's wooden playhouses offered in pine or cedar and indoor cardboard versions for little one. Find the perfect outdoor playhouse kit for your backyard.

Read about the delivery of your children's wooden playhouse and if you have any questions, call our Customer Service/Sales representatives toll-free to get answers. Many of the wood playhouses have an adult door as well. When the kids grow up, convert the playhouse to extra storage. And when the grand kids show up, convert it back to a playhouse!

View All Playhouses by Size Chart

A complete listing with 27 different playhouses sorted by size. From small 4' x 6' Cape Cod to our large Victorian Mansion (10' x 18'). Find the size you want and click on it!


Starting at $1405 $1124

Cape Cod

Starting at $1509 $1207

Victorian Mansion

Starting at $5843 $4674



Starting at $2914 $2331

Grand Portico

Starting at $11280 $9024


Starting at $2045 $1636



Starting at $1868 $1494

Little Chapel

Starting at $2134 $1707


Starting at $2133 $1706



Starting at $1265 $1012

 Play Cabin
Starting at $1299 $1039

Cedar Playhouse
Starting at $1488 $1190
Little Cedar Playhouse
Starting at $2155 $1724
Little Cedar with Sandbox
Starting at $2755 $2204
Sunflower with Sandbox
Starting at $4150 $3320

Cozy Cabin

Starting at $3655 $2924


Lauren's Cottage
Starting at $6205 $4964

Starting at $2204 $1763

Sunnybrook Lane
 Starting at $411 $329

Starting at $4629 $3703

Starting at $3324 $2659

Casey's Caboose
Starting at $4469 $3575

My Very Own House!

Starting at $75 $59.95



Solar Lights
From $89.00

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